Samaritan’s Purse

New York 2013

This work site was definitely different from all of the previous Samaritan’s Purse sites.  The houses on the outside looked sound, however the interior of the houses showed water damage that was extensive.  The crew worked closely with the homeowners as they ministered by dry walling, painting, cleaning, insulating and praying through the week.



Joplin Missouri 

February 2012, December 2012    
The devastation in Joplin was difficult to view, but the people were friendly and welcoming.  Our members were blessed to be able to do framing and finishing work in the area.


Rhode Island

October 2010

After the flooding in Rhode Island several of our members took day trips to help with mud outs in the flood area.  Mud outs generally include cleaning out basements and homes to prepare for the home rehabilitation.


New Orleans

August 2009, February 2010, August 2010     
Our team were blessed to be able to work on several different homes in the 8th ward of New Orleans on all three trips.  We demolished and rebuilt on several sites.  It was a special blessing to be able to meet homeowners and pray with them.