Growth Groups

January 2017


Dear GCC Family,

Two growth groups are running for a 10 week session currently ending the last week in March.  The Bible study time centers around homework questions that stem from the Sunday message.  The homework questions are available each Sunday on the foyer table and sent electronically on Saturday night by Tinyletter.  The current groups also offer a dinner option prior to the study in order to further encourage a sense of family as we learn to grow together.

Tuesday Night Growth Group
-Meets at the Samodel home
-6:30 supper option/7:00 Bible study
-Ted Norris leading

Wednesday Night Growth Group
-Meets at the Bittner home
-6:30 supper option/7:00 Bible study
-Pastor Brad leading

These growth groups exist to promote the development of significant Christian relationships centered around the study of GOD’s Word. We want these groups to be places where we give and experience loving acceptance, where we care for one another–and where we treat each other with respect in both speech and action. Regular attendance, doing 20-30 minutes of homework each week, and keeping confidences are commitments we will need to make so that these groups can be most effective. In addition, each group will have to figure out its own child care.

It is our hope that you will be a part of this endeavor. It is our prayer that these groups will become a joyous source of encouragement for you.

For Christ and HIS Kingdom,

Pastor Brad