Disciples on the Mission

GCC has a special Bible memory program for all ages!

A brief description of the program can be found below.  We are calling it DOTM-Disciples on the the Mission.  You can get involved at any point and it is a program designed for all ages.  Please see Janet Chase for a packet or more information.

A healthy church is made up of spiritually healthy individuals. We are seeking to challenge each person to get into the Word on a deeper level with Scripture memory and meaningful accountability.

Here’s a brief overview of the program…

*There are 3 verses a month to be memorized (ESV version) on a certain theme.  As a family, you can work together – parents signing off on verse mastery for their children and even children signing off on verse mastery for their parents if Mom and/or Dad decide to get involved. You can take a packet as a couple and be partners in memorization.  You can take a packet as an individual and partner up with someone in memorization. A small monthly prize will be awarded for completed monthly Scripture memory for all ages as you turn in your initialed monthly Scripture sheet, and the Scripture Scholar Award Ribbon can be potentially earned at the end of the semester. Check-in Sundays to turn in your tally sheet for a “sweet” reward are March 6, April 3, and May 1.

There are ribbon awards for young people ages Pre K through 8th grade to be earned in “Evangelism”.  All the requirements and instructions are in the Family Packet.There is a Scripture Scholar Ribbon Award that can be earned by young and old.  The requirements are listed inside each packet.   See links to packet pages below.

There are 2 semesters to the program… Sept/Oct/Nov with a close out of mid-December, and Feb/March/April with a close out of mid-May.  If you miss a ribbon award in semester 1, you can try again in semester 2.

Packet Pages

Welcome Letter
February Verses
March Verses
April Verses
Scripture Scholar Ribbon
Service Ribbon
Missions Ribbon