Function and Role of the Deacon at GCC

The  mission of the deacon can be linked to the Biblical account found in the book of Acts 6:1-6.  The record reveals a complaint waged by the Grecian Jews that they were being overlooked by the Hebraic Jews in the unequal distribution of the daily food.  In order for the apostles to maintain their attention on prayer and the ministry of the Word they chose seven men to serve the tables; in reference to the distribution of food and money.  How this translates today in our church is similar.  The elders’ at Grace center of gravity is attention to the ministry of the Word along with prayer while the deacons’ focus is the physical needs of the people and the finances of the church.  This does not mean that the deacons discount the need for prayer (which we regularly do) but as Alexander Strauch points out in his book, “The New Testament Deacon”, a deacon is a servant to the body of the church.  The Greek derivation of deacon is diakonos, which means servant.  James 1:27 highlights the need to look after orphans and widows—to be a “minister of mercy” according to Strauch.

Servants   “diakonos”

  1. weekly physical maintenance of private property both within our church body and the community at large and disburse  funds as necessary to those in need
  2. support Madison Community Services financially and  physically in the collection and distribution of their annual Holiday Food Baskets at Christmas
  3. annual Fall yard and leaf cleanup for multiple homes
  4. support widows and singles with their financial and physical needs

Russ Geary (Chairman), Bob Laudicina (Financial Secretary),
Matt Hoffman, Steve Kane (Treasurer)